sunny acres park moncton playground near costco

Moncton’s Sunny Acres Playground

Moncton’s Sunny Acres Park is a quiet, residential playground with so much to offer! Splash pad, swings, climbing structures, and just minutes from Costco, Starbucks, ice cream spots, and more!

sunny acres park playground moncton pickle planet

There’s a great splash pad with four fountains and a post that offers lots of relief on a hot day!

sunny acres park playground splash pad moncton pickle planet

The climbing structure is large for a residential playground like this, with a double slide, another slide, and lots of invitations to climb. It’s more focused on older kids than toddlers.

sunny acres park playground moncton pickle planet climbing structures older kids fun

We love how open & green this space is, with lots of seating scattered throughout. There is a large shelter for shade with a picnic table. There is a swing set with four seats; two were infant swings when we visited.

sunny acres park playground moncton pickle planet swings

The playground isn’t completely fenced in, but only has two entrances that are built for pedestrian/bicycle traffic. If you’re looking for space away from roads, this is a good option to consider. It’s a quiet, residential area, even though it’s just a few minutes drive from all the Elmwood Drive/Granite Drive shopping, including Costco, Starbucks, and so much more!

sunny acres park playground moncton pickle planet elmwood estates

To find Sunny Acres park, set your GPS to 120 Ellerdale Avenue. You’ll find this playground tucked in the middle of Elmwood Estates, with on-street parking best found on Ellerdale. 

You might also want to visit these nearby playgrounds: Fairview Knoll (2.5km away), Gurney’s Bend (1.6km), & Braemar Drive (2.5km away). 

fairview knoll playground park moncton splash pad pickle planet near highway accessible

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sunny acres park moncton playground near costco
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