Moncton Sumner Splash Pad & Playground

My favourite splash pad in Moncton! There are nearly two dozen playgrounds & parks with splash features in the City of Moncton, but Sumner remains my top choice to visit.

sumner playground park splash pad pickle planet moncton

Sumner Splash Pad & Playground is a huge space nestled in the middle of quiet residential streets, just behind the shopping hotspot of the North End power centre.

sumner playground splash park moncton pickle planet

This space has a large splash pad with a great mix of large and small water spouts. It’s a great space for all ages & has lots of room on a busy day!

sumner park pickle planet moncton splash pad

There is a large shelter with metal picnic tables underneath, as well as a large green space perfect for setting up in the shade. There are three swing sets; four regular swings and two infant seats when we visited.

sumner moncton splash pad park playground pickle planet

There is a tall play structure for older kids and a smaller one for toddlers.

sumner playground structutre splash pad moncton pickle planet

Shaded basketball court? Yes, please! (It’s not the best photo, but I promise there’s a basketball court in there!)

shaded basketball court at sumner park in moncton

Seriously, Sumner has to be one of the best little spots for families to hang out in the city. You can expect the water to be on from 10am until 8pm, mid-to-late June to early September; the City’s website is the best place to check for updates. Set your GPS for 170 Lorne Street to find this playground. 

sumner park playground splash pad pickle planet moncton

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