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Mezza opens in Moncton as a great option for quick, healthy family meals on the go

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Mezza opens in Moncton; great option for fast-casual food for the family!

Have you made it to Mezza yet? There was a LOT of excitement about this well-known Nova Scotia franchise finally making its way to New Brunswick in 2021 & we were thrilled to check out the Morton Avenue location opening night.

UPDATE: One year later, Mezza’s second Moncton location has opened! You can now find all this awesomeness at 45 Plaza Boulevard, perfect for keeping up your energy for all those North End Moncton shopping excursions. 🙂 They’re celebrating the grand opening December 16 – 18 with specials each day. Stop in & check them out!

mezza opens in moncton family friendly places to eat out quick healthy meal ideas pickle planet

I brought the 10-year-old, who enjoys eating out and trying new things. I wasn’t surprised she loved it as much as I did!

mezza moncton family food healthy fast to go lebanese pickle planet

Mezza is a new name in Moncton, but it’s a name and a flavour palette I recognize well – as will anyone who went to university in Halifax. When I lived there, Pizza Corner might as well have been an official food group and donair became my meal of choice. Grabbing lunch from Mezza at the Halifax Shopping Centre (where the first location opened back in 1990) is firmly anchored in my memories of holiday shopping before heading home for Christmas vacation. Being able to pop in for lunch when out shopping locally is like a homecoming; fitting, since Mezza’s catch phrase is “Eat Like You’re Family.” You can read more about the family behind the food on their website.

mezza moncton family food souvlaki shawarma donair mixed plate healthy fast to go lebanese pickle planet

I’ve dreamt about returning to eat at Mezza in Moncton basically every day since it opened. It’s probably a good thing for my eating out budget we live just far enough away I can’t always give in to my temptation!

Lucky for you, if you live near the corner of Morton Avenue & McLaughlin Drive, you can pop over anytime 11am-10pm and even grab drive thru to make meals easier. (As of December 2022, you can also grab a Mezza meal at 45 Plaza Blvd in the North End!)

Might I suggest placing an online order for a family meal for pick up for as little as $45? Shawarma, souvlaki, or donair, with salad, rice, sauce, and pita. Easily enough to feed a family of four, which makes it just as affordable as any other quick meal you’ll find around town. Don’t forget to add some baklava for dessert!

mezza opens in moncton family friendly places eating out quick healthy pickle planet

I’m a big fan of all their staples – I don’t think you can go wrong with the shawarma, souvlaki, or donair – but if you’re not sure which you might like the best (or just can’t make up your mind!), go for Mezza’s Mixed Grill Plate. You get all three meat options (chicken shawarma, chicken souvlaki, and donair meat) along with hummus, salad, sauce, and pita for $17. While I’m sure you could finish it all, it’s also perfect for splitting with someone for lunch or saving for a second round.

mezza moncton donair shawarma family food healthy fast to go lebanese pickle planet

I’ll be honest: I’m no foodie. I hate cooking. I hate having to decide what to cook even more. Knowing I have a quick, comparably priced option to traditional fast food that is much tastier makes me a much happier person. Whether it’s lunch for myself when I’m running errands or a full family meal, Mezza is now at the top of my go-to list in Moncton!

GOOD TO KNOW: They do have kids’ meals & fries & poutine, so if you have some stick-in-the-mud types when it comes to ‘new’ food, no worries. If you’re looking for more traditional Lebanese food, there are a few items on the menu like grape leaves & taboule to round out your meal. The setting is fast-casual; someone described it as Subway but with Shawarma and that’s pretty on point. This isn’t a full restaurant experience; it’s a quick, casual, & tasty option that I think works great for families. Wraps & bowls make great to-go options! You can check out their full menu online. They also sell their sauces & spices, too, so you can have some on hand at home.

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mezza opens in moncton family friendly places to eat out quick healthy pickle planet

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