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Ideas for making Easter memorable amid COVID-19

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter is on it’s way – COVID-19 or not! So, how are parents preparing to make this holiday memorable amid the turmoil?

Jenna & Tosh dig in to local options for sourcing local gifts & candies, scheduling family meals while practicing social distancing, and some other unique ideas for creating special memories during Easter 2020.


Virtual Family Gathering: No need to cancel family gatherings – just move them online!

Fancy Feast: Dress up in your Easter best even if you’re the only person who will see it!

Easter Bunny House: Pull out the gingerbread house skills and make it a home for the Bunny, complete with an egg garden!

Neighbourhood Egg Hunt: Hide coloured eggs in windows around the community and challenge families to find them all!


Peter Rabbit is a favourite in both our homes! A mix of animation and live action, this is an edgy yet fun retelling of the classic story.

Hop is a mix of live-action and animation, with a fun twist on the Easter Bunny story from the view of a son not wanting to take over the family business of delivering eggs & treats.

Rise of the Guardians isn’t just about Easter, but a fun imagined world of holiday favourites working together.

Sound of Music seems like it was always playing during our childhood at this time of year; why not introduce it to your kids!

For more on our thoughts on these ideas and where to shop local this Easter, hit play above! You might also want to check out these ideas!

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