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How to Spend a Rainy Day in Cavendish with the Kids

Our first full day of our Vacation the Kids Took Over – and it’s rainy. Cold, windy, rain. Not the pleasant summer shower that helps break the heat. The almost-single-digits, coming-down-sideways rain that makes you want to curl up inside. But we have Cavendish to explore and a rainy day is not stopping us!

We are lucky to be enjoying The Vacation the Kids Took Over at a cottage provided by Cavendish Bosom Buddies (this is a sponsored trip, meaning our cottage stay and many of our activities were provided in exchange for us sharing about our experience, but all commentary and opinion are unfiltered!). This package includes a three-night stay in a brand-new three-bedroom cottage (perfect for traveling with both the kids AND the grandparents!) and these lovely little yellow bracelets that give us unlimited access to 10 of Cavendish Beach’s best attractions, and discounts at another 10!

Rainy Day Cavendish Kids family what to do pei moncton pickle planet vacation kids took over bracelet

Our rainy morning begins by filling up our bellies at Chez Yvonne, one of the area’s oldest and most beloved family restaurants. My kids are not always big eaters, but their eyes grow wide at the variety of pancakes available. One polishes off two massive chocolate chip pancakes while his brother scrapes up every bite of his pancakes topped with fresh strawberries. The third tackles the daily breakfast and I watch eggs, toast, homemade hashbrowns, and sausages disappear. They debate across the table who made the better breakfast choice, with each declaring their plate the best!

cavendish pei where to eat with kids family friendly chez yvonne pickle planet

Bellies full, we head off to our first adventure, as chosen by the kids.

Ripley’s Believe it Or Not is tops on their must-visit list – I think the larger-than-life Optimus Prime outside has something to do with it! The museum is a great mix of items that appeal to all ages, with lots of conversation-inducing displays. One is taken with the optical illusions, another lingers over the JAWS exhibit. There is much excitement over the Iron Man art, too!

rainy day ideas cavendish pei ripley's believe it or not pickle planet family fun vacation

Wax World to the Stars is just a few steps up the boardwalk, so we head there now. It’s a wonderful surprise! This attraction is deceptive, offering much more than I expected from the small space – and more than just replicas of celebrities and historical figures. There are so many neat displays of movie memorabilia, our family easily spends an hour taking it all in. The kids are mostly interested in the life-size Terry Fox, Superman, and the larger-than-life Shrek & Donkey at the entrance. I love the Star Wars and Star Trek displays!

cavendish pei rainy day ideas kids family fun vacation wax world pickle planet

We’re the kind of family that loves a cool treat during any weather, so a trip to Island’s Frozen Yogurt fits our rainy day itinerary just fine, especially since it’s just a few more steps down the Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk. This is the Maritime’s original frozen yogurt bar and my kids are trying all 15 flavours available – and I think most of the 40+ toppings, too!

cavendish pei rainy day ideas family fun where to eat with kids pickle planet moncton island's frozen yogurt

(Added bonus: colour changing spoons! We actually own some ourselves and the kids were thrilled to see them in PEI.)

cavendish rainy day ideas pei frozen yogurt kids family things to do vacation pickle planet moncton

Black Magic Indoor Black Light Mini Golf is our next stop. PEI may be known for its world-class greens that draw golfers from around the world, but it also has a strong mini-golf game, with several great options in Cavendish alone. The black light fun is perfect for brightening up a rainy day in Cavendish!

cavendish rainy day ideas kids family fun indoor black light golf

Our next stop surprises me: the youngest child is keen to test out the frightful Route 6 Motel at Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone! This is said to be quite the scary experience, even for adults, so I’m not sure even the family-friendly daytime version will be okay for us. But this vacation is all about letting the kids take over, so we enter. The attraction is not scary to me during the daylight, but the little man soon asks to check out early – which we easily do, thanks to the attentive staff who show us the side entrance. This seems like a great scare for older souls!

cavendish pei rainy day family fun ideas haunted hotel route 6 vacation pickle planet

Now we try another family first – laser tag. The Hangar Laser Tag is also at Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone. In fact, it quickly proves to be the favourite activity of our little men – and the rest of us enjoy it, too! The rain outside is keeping a steady line inside for laser tag, but the wait is worth it. Thanks to our inclusive vacation bracelets, we now know that investing in laser tag is a smart move for our family!

For years, I’ve wanted to visit New Glasgow’s The Toy Factory – and our rainy day is the perfect time to go exploring.

rainy day cavendish pei toy factory store shop kids family fun pickle planet

There is so much fun tucked into this small shop! The bulk of the items for sale are not created locally, but are obviously chosen with great care and attention to detail, a perfect complement to the toys made on site. The Toy Factory is known for its hand-made items, having been tasked with supplying toys for the set of The Santa Clause! The magic intensifies as we discover you can make your own toy on site – the perfect souvenir for the vacation the kids’ took over! The staff spin a lovely tale of the Shop Fairy, who turns the sawdust into fairy dust, which children can sprinkle into their magic wands or wooden cars.

rainy day ideas cavendish pei kids family toy factory workshop wand fun pickle planet

We vow to return on a less damp day to explore the shop’s back yard, with its statues and walking paths, but tonight it’s raining and we have another of my PEI bucket list adventures to complete. After many years of raving reviews, I’m finally sitting down to my first all-you-can-eat New Glasgow Lobster Supper!

rainy day cavendish pei kids family where to eat restuarant new glasgow lobster suppers pickle planet

The lobster – or whichever main course you choose – is not unlimited, but the fresh rolls, salads, seafood chowder (or soup of the day), mussels, AND desserts are! Yes, you can ask again and again for more mussels, chowder, rolls, and pie. I’m the only one really indulging in all these goodies tonight, so one huge bucket of mussels and one bowl of chowder are all I order, but I plan to return without my non-seafood loving family someday. My daughter happily orders a lovely pasta, while her brothers enjoy grilled cheese and chicken tenders. Her grandparents try the salmon and the scallops; everyone is impressed!

new glasgow lobster suppers family dining cavendish pei rainy day ideas pickle planet

A pro tip: stopping into The Toy Factory en route to New Glasgow Lobster Suppers and purchasing a new, small toy is a great way to entertain the less patient diners!

rainy day kids cavendish family friendly restaurants new glasgow lobster suppers toy factory pei vacation kids pickle planet

Our family dining experiences are often fret with worry, trying to contain the energy and excitement of two rambunctious boys and a not-much-more patient older sister. The staff certainly makes us feel at home; this is a restaurant that welcomes families and understands the frenzy that sometimes entails!

Rainy Day Cavendish Kids family what to do pei moncton pickle planet new glasgow lobster suppers places to eat with kids in cavendish

Our rainy day in Cavendish is complete with board games around the cottage table, fireplace casting a warm glow. The rain quiets and we’re off to bed, resting up for a day filled with more kid-focused fun.

Rainy Day Cavendish Kids family what to do pei moncton pickle planet cottage great family bosom buddies

Watch for more updates from our sponsored multi-generational family vacation at Cavendish Bosom Buddies – and check out this gallery of photos of their new three-bedroom executive cottage they offered us for our stay! You can find more here about the Vacation the Kids Took Over packages. Wondering about that candy bar in the cover photo? That was a stop at Anne of Green Gables Chocolates at Avonlea Village, another great option for visiting!

Thanks again to Cavendish Bosom Buddies for inviting us to stay at their new cottage and share our vacation with you. This family-run business has been hosting families in PEI for three decades; you won’t be disappointed when you book to stay with them!


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