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Pickle Planet Podcast: How to donate breast milk in New Brunswick

Have you ever wondered how to donate breast milk from here in New Brunswick? Did you even know you can donate excess breast milk in Canada? There are several non-profit banks that accept donations of breast milk from across the country, including from women here in New Brunswick. The centres are in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, but you can arrange to send your milk to them.

Shediac’s Bonnie Fisher donates regularly to NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank in Calgary. She joins Tosh & Jenna on this episode of the podcast to talk about her decision to give away her milk, the process she goes through to ship her milk, and the connections she’s made with some of the families she’s helped.

(You might remember Bonnie from Season One; she joined us to chat about sex after babies! Bonnie just happens to be the coordinator of the Mount Allison Sexual Health lab.)

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