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How to bake a simple Easter Bunny Cake

I love a fun Easter Bunny cake, but I am NOT a baker. I love to keep both the recipe and the decorating super simple. So for those of you looking to add a little Easter fun without adding much work to your list, keep reading!

how to make an easy easter bunny cake instructions recipe pickle planet

Full disclosure: I am ALL about using a box mix! My go-to trick for the Easter version: grab a vanilla cake mix and instead of the water it calls for, use coconut milk. For the frosting, again you can go with a pre-made vanilla version and add in a healthy, heaping pile of shredded coconut. Presto! You have a fancy coconut cake that has a wonderful Bunny look to it. (If you want a bit more of a recipe to go with this plan, check out this post; I’ve used this recipe before and quite enjoyed the outcome!)

Now for the magic – making the Easter Bunny cake shape!

easy easter bunny cake two rounds

It’s SUPER simple to make the Easter Bunny shape. All you need is two round cake pans. One round cake will become your Bunny’s face. The other cake gets two cuts; the side pieces become the Bunny’s ears, and the middle section can be the Easter Bunny’s shoulders or bowtie, depending on how you decorate. (I’m hoping to make this again soon and grab a better photo of this step; life with kids sometimes means blurry photos of the process!)

easy easter bunny cake cuts for ears

Now, we assemble!

easy easter bunny cake assembled

As I mentioned, I like to use vanilla frosting with coconut to give it a textured Easter Bunny look. Plain vanilla icing works fine, or any colour you want your bunny to be! Cover the entire cake, then comes the real fun – decorating!

We usually add a little pink colouring or sprinkles to the middle of his ears, and use whatever we have on hand for his eyes and mouth.

easy easter bunny cake decorated

Simple, quick, and fun, this easy Easter Bunny cake is sure to be a hit with little people – and a great DIY project for young bakers, too!

easy easter bunny cake how to

My mom used to make fantastic cakes like when I was young; it’s so fun to carry that on with my kids! Here’s a photo I found of one of her creations. Those marshmallow eggs are great for this; it’s also a better example of how to make the bowtie shape.

easy easter bunny cake template recipe pickle planet

Here are a few other Easter activities you might enjoy!

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