Healthy Halloween Treats

Who says Halloween is all about the candy? Here are some great snacks and meals you can make to celebrate the holiday with your ghouls and ghosts!


Ghost Cups: Pick up some small, plastic cups – the little wine ones work best, in my opinion. Draw eyes and a mouth on the cup (a great activity for slightly older kids to get involved with!). Fill with yogurt and top with cookie crumbs.

Monster Cups: Same idea as the Ghost Cups, but make the main dish green – perhaps some pistachio pudding or add a dash of food colouring to your yogurt.

Pumpkin Bites: Cantaloupe cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter. Easy peasy! These are perfect for slipping into school lunches for a healthy Halloween snack.


Witch Fingers: Mozzarella sticks with green pepper fingernail. Make a little notch in the end of the cheese to tuck the green pepper in, so that it won’t fall off as easy.

The green pepper can also be used to dress up a cheese ball, turning it into a little jack o’ lantern.


Jack o’ Lantern Slices: The simplest treat of all – draw faces on pre-packaged mandarin slices. (If you end up with large containers of mandarin slices because you didn’t give specific instructions to your grocery delivery man, see instructions for Ghost/Monster Cups – ta da! Now you have Pumpkin Cups, too!)

Candy Corn Cup: Layer pineapple chunks and mandarin slices, then top with coconut whipped cream.


Mummy Dogs: Slice a hot dog halfway up to create legs. Wrap in strips of crescent roll dough. Pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Voila! You have Mummy Dogs!

Meatloaf Hand: My favourite Halloween meal! The idea comes from Not Martha and it’s been a hit every time I’ve made it. Here are a few photos of my latest hand creation. Check out her blog for instructions!

We used most of these treats at our Halloween Spooktacular Party for Toddlers; check it out here! We also have some simple Halloween craft ideas for you – if you have coffee filters and tissue paper, you can make these today.

Don’t let yourself be tricked into losing these great ideas; treat yourself to a Pin and be sure to share!

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