Favourite Organizing Tricks

Who doesn’t love new organizing tips? Here are a few of our favourites at Pickle Planet.


Mesh Laundry Bags: These are my absolute favourite. I use these suckers for everything!

Our first trip to the beach as a family, we stopped at a dollar store and grabbed some beach toys and a big mesh laundry bag to carry them in. You can knock the sand out on the way back to the car!

Another large bag holds all our bibs and facecloths. If you don’t have a doorknob nearby (or are that much more organized than I am), you can stick a hook on the back of the highchair and hang the bag there.

Various toys and puzzles also often find themselves stashed away into these bags. They seem to stand up to the kids a little better than plastic bags, which I’ve also tried.

I use the small, round mesh ones to keep socks organized when travelling. I’ve always hated searching around the bottom of a backpack, hoping to come into contact with a pair of socks. (This comes in especially handy if you’re packing more than one person’s clothes in the same bag.)

Bonus points if you can keep the mesh laundry bags with individual laundry hampers at home. Dirty socks go in the bag; the bag goes in the wash. Magically, all the socks return from the washer and dryer together. (I’ve yet to get this organized, but I have dreams.)

Another tip for socks: buy in bulk. And if you can swing it (that is, don’t have family members whose protests about personal expression sway you), assign each person a single colour. White socks are for Mama Bear, gray socks are for Papa Bear, black socks are for Baby Bear, and blue socks are for Goldilocks.

When it comes to storing clothes, I’m mostly a large bin kind of gal. But I might be swayed by a friend who recently shared her method: using the plastic bags that sheet sets come in to store clothes in larger sizes. Easy to label, stack, and sort. Great way to reuse the bags. I’m loving this idea, Jenn!

(photo – and idea – courtesy of Jenn Harris)

I also keep a bin in each room for clothing on its way out. If a top goes on and is rejected as too small, into the bin it goes. When the bin is full, I sort through the pile and decide what’s being passed along, donated, or sold for consignment.

The next organization tip I’m planning to try: stuffies in a bean bag chair. I’ve heard from some folks who’ve seen it done and say it works great. We’ve got a large pile of stuffies and quilts that, most days, are just taking up space. Why not turn them into a seat (that my three kids will likely fight over)?

What are your favourite organizing tips and tricks? Share the knowledge!

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