Father’s Day DIY No Dye Tie Dye Tie

With three little ones at home, we’re big on homemade, creative gifts for our special occasions. For Christmas, we made Pickle Planet’s Papa some funky tie-dyed socks – without actually using dye. I found the instructions on the blog Ricochet Away. While Christmas shopping, I found a great deal on a lovely white paisley tie – and immediately imagined it reworked and brightly coloured for Father’s Day!



  • white tie – something with a pattern works really well
  • acrylic paint – as many colours as you want
  • spray bottles
  • something to protect your work surface


  • Cover your work space and lay out your tie.
  • Mix paint and water in the spray bottles. It’s not an exact science, but I used roughly three parts paint to one part water. The more water, the less vibrant the colour.
  • Give the bottles a good shake and away you go!
  • Don’t forget to do the back of the tie, too.
  • Hang the tie to dry. Acrylic paint is non-soluble in water after it dries, so you should be able to wash the tie with no issues. We haven’t noticed any concerns with our projects!

As soon as the paint is dry the tie is fine to wear, so you can pull this off the day before you need the gift, or even better – print off these instructions, put them in a card, and wrap all the supplies. Give Dad the gift of doing a fun, easy project WITH the kids – that he can wear to dinner that night, even if it’s burgers on the BBQ!

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