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Fake Pregnancy Announcements & April Fools’ Day

Fertility Matters is a national association promoting infertility awareness in Canada, based here in Moncton. In advance of April Fool’s Day, the organization’s Facebook Page asked would-be pranksters to make fake pregnancy announcements off-limits.

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One in six Canadian families struggle with fertility. Think of how many couples you know; I bet it’s way more than six. Which means you know many people who are coping with fertility issues. Maybe they have kids now. Maybe they don’t. But either way, they likely won’t find a fake pregnancy announcement funny.

“It’s no joke having multiple miscarriages,” shares Melissa, mom to two young boys. “It’s no joke watching all of these women getting pregnant right away and having uneventful pregnancies. It’s no joke to spend Mother’s Day in the hospital losing another baby. Let’s keep fake pregnancy announcements out of April Fools’ Day and keep all of those silent suffering women who are dying to be moms in your thoughts.”

Colleen, who recently welcomed her daughter, has this to share to the would-be fake pregnancy crowd. “While you were sharing news of your fake pregnancy, I was giving myself endless needles and taking countless pills while waiting to have my eggs harvested. I was lying in a cold sterile environment waiting to have an embryo transferred into my uterus. I was sitting in the emergency room being told I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. I was the one phoning family telling them I had lost another baby. I was hating you for making a joke out of such a serious, life changing event not everyone gets to experience.”

It goes beyond the jokes, though. Even well-meaning comments and questions about pregnancy can be devastating for some people, explains Dawn. “I was wiping away another batch of tears because of another negative pregnancy test, with no explanation … and so many people telling me to “RELAX, it will happen when you relax…” Yet, no one knowing how long it has been, and how hard it is to relax when everyone asks you “When are you going to have a baby?” and there’s a team of specialists analyzing your ENTIRE “reproductive life” on paper. Your April Fools Pregnancy announcement sucked that little bit of hope I had in it being “my turn”… only for you to giggle & chuckle, while I cried once more begging to be a mom & feel like my family was complete.”

If you are someone who has dealt with fertility challenges and would like to share your thoughts, Fertility Matters Canada wants to hear from you. The second annual #1in6 campaign is now accepting stories. These short glimpses into each others’ lives help raise awareness of the many aspects of the fertility journey.

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