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DIY Pallet Pumpkin Stand


I’m so excited to be sharing one of my all-time favourite, all-time EASIEST, DIY projects with you – our DIY Pallet Pumpkin Stand!

diy pallet pumpkin stand

Seriously, could she be any cuter?! That’s our Little Miss Pickle, just a couple of months past her second birthday. She was Big Sister already, and rocking it.

family fall photos pickle planet diy pallet pumpkin stand

Look at those little faces! And those tiny baby feet! But I digress; though it’s from the same photo shoot, this family portrait isn’t on topic. We’re talking about our DIY Pallet Pumpkin Stand, the perfect backdrop for a fall family photo shoot!


To create this amazing photo prop – and front yard or front porch decoration – we only needed three things:

  • an old pallet
  • white paint
  • orange paint

Well, three main things, then some cute models and some talented photographers. (Huge thanks to Yorke Photography for capturing these images, our first official family of five photos!)

Back to the project!

The more weathered the pallet, the better – as long as it’s not rotten or gross. We pried three boards off, leaving two on one side and five on the other. We used those boards to prop up the pallet so it would stand on its own, with the two intact boards at the top.

I grabbed some craft paint and white-washed one board. When it dried, I wrote PUMPKINS in orange craft paint. I found the foam pumpkins on sale; they were great for the kids craft centre and worked perfectly to spice up this project. You could also free-hand some, or use a pumpkin cookie-cutter as a quick stencil.

I also picked up some mini pumpkins at the local market; I think they were three for $5 – the most expensive part of the whole project!

I kept the project simple and it worked magically. It was the perfect size for our then-two-year-old to pose behind, and she LOVED playing market, selling us pumpkins and apples from the yard. Her brothers, who were just hitting the six-month mark, were able to be propped against the DIY Pallet Pumpkin Stand, allowing us some great photos without our hands sneaking in to hold them in place.

And why keep it serious? We decided to have more fun! We dressed the kids up in their Halloween costumes and had a blast. I love that our family’s first official photo shoot was filled with giggles, silly faces, and elephant noises.

diy pallet pumpkin stand

Don’t be fooled – the cuteness isn’t just thanks to the professional photos! You can easily capture some frame-worthy, Pinterest perfect, Instagram envious family photos of your own with just an old pallet and two tubes of craft paint. Here are a few images I snapped on my phone.

diy pallet pumpkin stand

Yes, that’s another Halloween costume. The kids pretty much live in them. Still. And why not?! They are so stinkin’ cute — don’t save them just for October 31.

Looks like the weather was starting to get a little chilly here. You could easily repaint the pumpkin sign to say Christmas Trees or Hot Chocolate and have a whole other photo shoot and front yard decoration for the holidays!

I love this project so much, I might just have to try it again soon!

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