diy coffee filter fall craft leaf banner

DIY Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Banner


Do you love decorating for fall? Then this simple DIY Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Banner will be a sure hit! It’s perfect for little hands and imaginations, but you’re still able to have some control over the final appearance – a fantastic combination that doesn’t always happen with decor crafts!

DIY Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Banner leaves

Coffee filter crafts are a go-to boredom buster in our home, for a few reasons. One, this mama ALWAYS has coffee filters on hand! They’re a great low-mess option for colouring, and you can use either markers or food colouring to make fantastic shades. Add in a stencil (for me, it’s always a cookie cutter!) and you’re good to go!

Coffee Filter Leaf Banner Supplies

DIY Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Banner stencil

Coffee Filter Craft Instructions

Fold a rounded coffee filter in half.

Trace a leaf shape on to the filter.

Cut out leaves.

Lay out leaves on old newspaper or plastic sheet.

Drop food colouring on the leaves in various patterns; let the colouring bleed through the filter. You’ll want some spots concentrated, others more faded. Mix up the colours. (If you’re using markers, I suggest colouring some spots and leaving others white, then dropping water on the marker to make it bleed. Little ones tend to love this messier option!) This is also a great chance to talk about colours with your kids; what happens when the red and yellow colours meet up? You get orange!

Let dry.

Using a needle, thread the leaves on a piece of twine.

Voila – a realistic leaf banner that won’t brown and crumple up!

DIY Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Banner

There are SO many ways you could use these lovely leaves to dress up your home for autumn. They work wonderfully layered together to make a wreath, could be laminated to make placemats, sprinkled through a tablescape, and so much more. Be sure to share in the comments how you display yours!


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