coffee filter butterfly craft

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

We loved making these butterflies with simple materials we had at home – coffee filters, food colouring, and clothespins.

This is an easy craft, perfect for a post-A Very Hungry Caterpillar reading or just to welcome Spring!


Turn coffee filters into beautiful butterflies with just a few drops of food colouring.


  • coffee filter
  • food colouring
  • clothespin
  • marker
  • newspaper


Cut the coffee filter in half.

Place the pieces on top of the newspaper.

Drop food colouring on the coffee filter. Have fun mixing colours and watching them bleed through the filter, just don’t soak it too much, or you’ll be waiting forever for it to dry … and we all know how patient kids are to finish a craft, right?

Pinch the centre of the filter and place the clothespin.

Draw a smile and enjoy!

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