S6E3: Building a community network for those who support pregnancy in Greater Moncton

Expecting, thinking about getting pregnant, or have an infant at home? This post is for you!

Moncton is one of Canada’s fastest growing communities – and the boom in population means new services and networks are needed for mothers and fathers starting their journey into pregnancy and parenthood. When Pickle Planet began in 2015, online searches for Moncton+Doula or Moncton+pelvic health came up basically empty. Now, we’re seeing more and more maternal health services provided locally – but still not enough to meet the demand. (Hint, hint, if you’re looking for a business idea locally!)

One new offering is the Perinatal Wellbeing Network, a dream of Sarah Hardy Walsh & Jade Medeiros. It aims to bring together service providers in the preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum space to create a network that offers collaborative options for professional networking and development, as well as a resource for the community at large. Sarah joins Jenna & Tosh to share some insight on the challenges and opportunities available in the prenatal and perinatal space in Southeastern New Brunswick.

The Jenna & Tosh Show is a co-production of Pickle Planet Moncton and The Podcast Hub, and is recorded & aired by Rogers TV New Brunswick. New episodes available each Monday; full archive available on the website.


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