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Behind the Scenes of the Pickle Planet Moncton Podcast

Wondering how Tosh & Jenna feed their kids & pay their bills? Wondering how your business can connect with thousands of Moncton families each week? This is it!

To wrap up 2019 and the first half of Season Two of the Pickle Planet Moncton Podcast, co-hosts Tosh Taylor and Jenna Morton take some time to talk about just what it is they do to make money – and how that could help your business!

Pickle Planet Moncton has been helping parents connect since 2015; the Pickle Planet Moncton Podcast has been part of that since 2018.

We LOVE talking with our friends, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to catch up. The podcast is a weekly date to listen to each other, share our thoughts on what’s happening, and check in with each other. It’s not just for parents – we know lots of you lovely folks who tune in are just curious to learn more about the interesting folks who in our community.

We upload a new episode each Friday; catch us here on Pickle Planet Moncton, or on iTunes or Spotify (subscribe there so you never miss an episode – and your reviews honestly bring us such happiness!), or watch us on Rogers TV, where our episodes are shown daily.

You can find past episodes of the Pickle Planet Moncton Podcast here, and join us for the second half of Season Two when we return in January.

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