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A Simple Canada Day Treat

It’s always great to have a simple Canada Day treat on hand; something that’s quick to make, easy to transport, and takes very little planning. This simple snack combines two things our family loves – watermelon and Canada!

All you need is a maple leaf cookie cutter (we picked ours up at the Bulk Barn, but you can find them online) and a watermelon.

Slice up your watermelon a little thinner than the width of your cookie cutter.

Cut out maple leafs and enjoy a patriotic snack!

maple watermelons

I keep a container on the counter while cutting out the leaves; all the ‘trimmings’ that come off go in there for healthy snacking and smoothie additions.

You can serve these as a snack on their own or use them to dress up a dish you’re serving for Canada Day. We’ve also popped these on skewer sticks with marshmallows and watermelon rectangles to make Canadian Flag treats!

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