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7 Must-Listen Pickle Planet Podcasts

In case you hadn’t heard, Tosh Taylor and I (Jenna) like to talk. And we like to talk with other people. And then share those conversations with you. Hence, the Pickle Planet Podcast!

We started recording our conversations back in June 2018, sharing one episode a week right up until the end of the year. We were going to start again today, but it’s a typical Wednesday in January in Moncton: snow day. All our kids are home from school, so we’re waiting until next week to jump back into the studio. In the meantime, we thought we’d help you get up to speed on a few of our favourite conversations from 2018.

These are in no particular order, and were chosen based on both how much Tosh & I enjoyed the conversation, as well as how other folks responded to it. To listen, click the photo open in a new tab and press play, or just go find us on iTunes or Spotify!

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely had a conversation about potty training. Probably one about bedwetting, too. Pelvic floor physiotherapist and mom, Katie Kelly, shares some expert insight on the topic, including signs your child might benefit from a visit to an office like hers.

Bedwetting, Potty Training, and why your child might benefit from visiting a pelvic floor physiotherapist

Another topic most parents have had: what to feed a picky eater, especially when you’re trying to set healthy examples! RHN Cindy Cormier stopped by for a chat (and brought us some treats that were unbelievably tasty and healthy!)

Pickle Planet Podcast: Picky Eaters

We LOVE when listeners and readers suggest topics; thanks again to Lesley for putting this idea on our radar and to Cary for all the great ideas on how to approach classmates and parents of children with disabilities.

Pickle Planet Podcast: Talking with Kids about Disability

Another topic a lot of you asked us to consider was redshirting: that’s the practice of keeping a child back one year from starting school. It’s an option available to parents in our province whose children are born between September and December of the year they are scheduled to begin Kindergarten. Our guests were Shannon, a mom who faced the decision and did a LOT of research to come to her family’s conclusion, and Ryan, a kindergarten teacher and dad.

Pickle Planet Podcast: Redshirting your Kindergarten child

Hands down the most powerful conversation of 2018 was when a group of local mothers sat down to share their stories of pregnancy and infant loss.

Navigating Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Another topic that tugged on the heartstrings and resonated with so many was our discussion with Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Hardy Walsh about a type of physical and mental burn out parents, mothers especially, often don’t name or address.

Pickle Planet Podcast: Feeling Touched Out

And finally, the most-listened to podcast episode of 2018: Marley McGinnis joined us to talk about her journey as a entrepreneur and mom and her decision to close the popular Play Cafe.

Pickle Planet Podcast: The Play Cafe Story

Thanks for catching up with us, guys!

You can always find ALL our podcast episodes right here on Pickle Planet; just click the ‘podcasts and more’ tab! You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify, so you can easily find the most recent episodes. (We’d appreciate a quick 5-star review while you’re there, if you’re so inclined! It really helps others find us, as well as gives us a happy little moment in our day. So thanks!)

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