Moncton’s Allison Heights Playground

This is one of our favourite playgrounds in the Greater Moncton Area! Far from the road, lots of parking, equipment for various ages, and a lovely space for picnics and even large gatherings.

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When you have more kids than hands, parks like this are golden – lots of room for them to run, but plenty of room for you to catch them before they get near traffic! This was the first playground I felt comfortable heading to solo with three toddlers who liked to take off in three different directions.

There are two swing sets, with a total of 10 seats. On our last visit, there were infant seats and one was accessible.

best playgrounds moncton allison heights pickle planet swings

There’s a picnic table under a shelter, a couple of benches, and tons of space!

There are two play structures, with one geared to toddlers and the other perfect for slightly more adventurous climbers. There are double slides on both sets – perfect for capturing photos of friends or siblings enjoying the time together.

There’s also a basketball court near the park entrance!

Despite being near a lovely neighbourhood, this playground is almost always empty when we visit.

If you’re looking for a great space to spend time with the kids, be sure to check out Allison Heights playground, which is maintained by the City of Moncton and located behind The Journey Church at 1535 Salisbury Road.

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