no guests birthday party moncton

Moncton Mom Turns to Facebook for Party Guests – And It’s Awesome

Moncton, you’ve done it again!

Time after time you rise to the occasion and remind folks just what it means to be good neighbours. Just in the past month we’ve shared stories about a teen donating his hair to charity, football players supporting team members, and youth standing up against bullying behaviour. Then there was this.

On October 27, Mira Lynn Herbert posted on the Facebook group Ask Moncton:

“We’re new to Moncton and my son just turned two. His birthday party is tomorrow and we rented out a big space but no one is able to make it. If any mom’s want to bring their babies/kids, it would really make things a bit brighter.  It’s at the Play Cafe at 130pm, tomorrow afternoon. Plenty of pizza and cake for everyone to enjoy!”

The post had dozens of supportive comments from folks wishing the birthday boy, Cedric, a happy day – and it turns out, that’s just what he had.

Less than 24 hours later, Mira posted again, thanking everyone who commented AND who came out to play!

no guests birthday moncton

“Looking at the pictures and so many small (and big!) gifts, I’m bawling. Yesterday I posted about my son having his second birthday today, and how at the last minute, EVERYONE canceled on us. I was devastated.

I reached out to Ask Moncton and this was the response I got-

MORE than the originally invited guests showed up. ALL of them were complete strangers who have never met myself or my son.

It is so hard as a truly single mother, to pack up your life and children and move to an area you barely know and having zero friends or family near by. This effort was made possible strictly by a community who saw someone in need and banded together to make my baby boy’s day SO special.

Sobbing like the big baby I am, Thank you. Thank you all so much for showing two random people such amazing kindness on what could have been such a sad day. You are all truly amazing. Thank you, Moncton

Thank you, Mira, for reminding us all what a great community this is – and how easy it can be to show kindness.

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