Life Size ELF on the Shelf – He’s Back! (2016)

Looking for a 2020 real life Elf the Shelf story? Check out this Elf in a bubble in Newfoundland or the awesome Rock the Elf over at That Dad Blog. For more on Moncton’s original life-size real-life Elf on the Shelf, FLE, from 2016, read on!

It’s hard to believe I only met Megan and Joe Wynberg a few weeks ago. I feel like I’ve known them much longer. Maybe it’s because they’re so easy to hang out with. Or maybe it’s because I stalked them on Facebook last year, like so many other hundreds of people.

Like us, the Wynbergs don’t ‘do’ Elf on the Shelf with their kids. Unlike us, the Wynbergs took it to a whole new level. Here’s the first time I ever saw Joe.


Yes, he is a life-size ELF on the Shelf. He’s name is FLE (get it? ELF backwards is FLE.) He showed up at the Wynberg’s on November 30, 2015.

I don’t think he actually meant to stick around for the holidays … but he did. He gained international attention, including a shout out from Jimmy Fallon. He even brought home a friend, SNI (SNI and FLE are ELFINS).

Guess what? FLE is back! I was there when he arrived for a brief visit, delivering a letter from Santa that sparked Project Nice List.

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And now I see Megan has found his box among the Christmas decorations. I’m told he’s likely to start causing mischief again soon – I know I can’t wait! (Please note: 2016 was the last year Megan & Joe shared their family’s antics.)

Here’s a look back at their antics in 2015!

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