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Want a kids’ dress with fishing boats and seabirds? Shirts with carrots and radishes, or tights with mushrooms? Modern Rascals is the online store for you!


Before there were any little Pickles running through the halls, we lived in midtown Toronto. Most days we’re happy we aren’t raising kids in the city – when we can call grandparents last minute for help, when we let the kids run outside in their underwear, when we stroll to the afternoon bus pick up still wearing PJs because there’s no one else on our country road. But other days, I find myself thinking that we’re missing out on variety – in cultural diversity, in museums, in indoor play spaces, and in options for kids’ clothes. But, it turns out, we’re not missing much on that last one.

You’d think Toronto would be full of neat shops carrying funky kids clothes. And yes, there are some great independent stores, but our friend Jana still found herself at a loss when looking for clothes for her little guys. That’s how her new online shop, Modern Rascals, came to be.

“When I’m looking for clothes I’m drawn to all the colours – and if they are rainbows, even better,” says Jana. But even with all the selection a city like Toronto offers, she still found it difficult to find solid bold colours, kid-inspired and kid-appropriate patterns, and items that weren’t being sold as boys’ or girls’ clothing. She turned to online shopping, and still had to go overseas.

“My hunt for something more sent me on many a late night search, until I found what I was looking for in Europe” explains Jana on her website. “Companies that made clothes that children can play in and that work for everyone. Dresses with rocket ships and shirts with rainbows. And made ethically out of organic material to boot.”

The clothes aren’t cheap, because they aren’t cheaply made. “Initially I would buy things that drew my attention. As my first son wore items I noticed that the brands that I loved also happened to be well made and durable. What I bought for him is still in great shape and can be passed on to my second, which is so great in our current culture of disposable fashion.”

What’s most refreshing about Modern Rascals is the lack of categories. “You might notice that there’s no girls or boys section on our site,” says Jana. “We’re gender neutral, in part because great colours don’t care, and in part because I’m a feminist raising two boys. For myself, I was tired of my ‘boy’ selections being blue/khaki/grey and things getting angry and more competitive as they got older – spikey dinosaurs, sports teams, superheroes. And we carry dresses, but we don’t care who wears them.”

Jana has been buying clothes from her suppliers since 2012 – and getting stopped in the streets of Toronto, asking where the items could be found. Now she has a quick answer: at Modern Rascals.

To celebrate the launch of Modern Rascals, and Pickle Planet Moncton nearing 3,000 Facebook fans, we’ve got a gift for you! Use the promo code PICKLE30 at the Modern Rascals check out and receive a 30% discount on your order! But don’t delay: the offer expires on September 30, 2016.


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  1. Laura Snow September 20, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    This is super cool!

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